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When you want dental care with great results, choose a dentist in Smithers, BC, at the leading edge of procedures, materials, and equipment.

Advances in technology have changed basic and cosmetic dentistry. The staff members at Tyhee Dental have a passion for learning about new ways of making your dental experience even better. This is why we constantly embrace proven, high-tech methodologies throughout our office. Every time you come to Tyhee Dental, you can be assured that you are getting nothing short of optimum care.

Work With a Dentist in Smithers, BC, Focused on Technology

As a dentist, Dr. Dan Kinkela is constantly looking for more effective ways to treat your dental needs. From general services to cosmetic dentistry, he has adopted numerous advanced technologies geared toward making your appointments shorter and more effective with powerful, lasting results.

This technique uses air as an abrasive, instead of metal tools. Rather than scraping your teeth and gums, we can pinpoint streams of highly pressured air directly where we need to clean away debris. This method of cleaning is fast and sanitary; it is also painless.
The human eye can miss spots of bacteria and decay; an intraoral camera finds those hidden areas. Intraoral cameras have truly changed the way we are able to detect problems and head off dental issues before they create serious health risks.
Your DNA can be used to help detect potential diseases or medical conditions. By taking oral DNA, we can effectively determine risks and create a management plan with you to reduce those risks.
This needle-free numbing agent is used during procedures when patients require that an area be free from sensation. It can also be a part of sedation dentistry treatment.
The Tekscan enables us to precisely measure and map the pressures that are placed upon your teeth when you bite down. For patients with misaligned bites, the Tekscan can provide a wealth of information to help readjust the bite and avoid undue stressors on your teeth.



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