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Could Your Jaw Pain Be TMJ?

People who suffer from TMJ often report similar symptoms to their dentists, such as:
  • A pain in their jaw, especially in the morning
  • A feeling that their jaw does not fit correctly
  • A sensation of the jaw “locking” when the mouth is opened wide
  • Clicking feelings or sounds in the jaw when eating or yawning
  • Discomfort around the area of the jawbone hinge, especially when lightly touched
If these signs sound familiar, or you know that you do have TMJ, you may be a candidate for proven TMJ/TMD treatment at Tyhee Dental.

How We Treat TMJ at Tyhee Dental

When we work with patients who have TMJ, we often recommend special devices called Oral Night and Day Orthotics. These oral orthotics are molded to specifically fit the shape of the client’s mouth. They are generally worn at night—and may be referred to as “night guards”—to stop the jaw from clenching tightly.

Oral orthotics of this type help to protect both the jaw as well as the tops of the teeth. Many sufferers of TMJ grind their teeth, either consciously or subconsciously, leading to wearing down of protective enamel on their teeth. This can lead to cracks in the teeth and caries (cavities).

In addition to oral orthotics, we may recommend that your bite be realigned. When the bite is corrected, the jaw pain associated with TMJ often subsides. Remember that jaw pain is not normal. Talk to Dr. Dan Kinkela about jaw pain treatment at your next visit to Tyhee Dental!

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Do you live with the dull ache of jaw pain?

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