What Make A Conscious Sedation Dentistry Experience Different?

It is not unusual for us to learn that people who want to do the right thing and get their teeth and gums checked simply cannot bring themselves to go to the dentist. These are our neighbors and friends, but they have a secret: They are afraid to get dental treatments. Their fears usually stem from one or more problems:
  • They had a traumatic experience at the dentist and vowed to never go again.
  • They do not like the sounds or smells of a dental facility.
  • They feel like they will gag if someone is working in their mouths.
  • They are embarrassed about their teeth or gums.
  • They do not trust any medical personnel because of a bad experience.

Sound familiar? If so, we invite you to call us today at 1-250-847-4577 and talk about sedation dentistry. This revolutionary method of getting fast, comfortable, anxiety-free treatment is quickly becoming one of Tyhee Dental’s most requested services. Learn how it can help you too.

You have sedation options

You Have Many Conscious Sedation Dentistry Options

Tyhee Dental offers several types of sedation dentistry for your convenience:
A local anesthetic is a topical gel or cream applied to the site where work is to be done. This local anesthetic numbs the gums, allowing you to feel no sensation while the dentist is at work. The numbing agent will take up to a few hours to wear off, but it will not affect your ability to work as normal. You can even drive yourself home after your dental appointment.
This used to be known as “laughing gas,” but the name is a misnomer. When you breathe in nitrous oxide through a specialized mask, the gases simply calm you. You will feel very relaxed but will always be awake to move or respond to the dentist and other Tyhee Dental personnel. After your treatment, the nitrous oxide will be discontinued, and you will feel back to normal very soon.
Oral sedatives are medicines taken by mouth when you get to the dental facility. You will be monitored after taking the medication, and when you start to feel your anxiety melt away, your dental procedures will begin. After the procedures, you will again be monitored. You will more than likely need someone to drive you home after your appointment after taking an oral sedative.

Remember that with a sedation dentist in Smithers, BC, there is no reason not to go to the dentist!