What Questions Do You Have for Your Dentist in Smithers, BC?

Have questions on general or cosmetic dentistry? Get answers here!

You probably have many questions when it comes to your dental care, as well as the dental care of your family. Please look over this page that includes our most frequently asked inquiries for answers.

One of the first questions we are often asked is why a dentist is important if you are regularly flossing and brushing. A dental care provider does more than simply clean your teeth. They also examines you for potential health issues, and can assist you in dental emergencies. Tyhee Dental also perform cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as teeth straightening and whitening. Every person in our community should have a dentist in Smithers, BC, working for him or her.
You can actually be introduced to the dentist when you are a young toddler. In fact, the younger children are introduced to dental care, the greater the likelihood that they will experience fewer dental-related issues as they grow. With that being said, if you have never been to a dentist, it is never too late to start!
As the saying goes, there is no time like the present to start seeing a dentist. Even if you have been good about keeping your teeth clean, regular brushing and flossing cannot fully cleanse your mouth.
The first time you visit Tyhee Dental, you can expect to have an in-depth discussion and examination. We may also recommend that you get x-rays.
We routinely work with patients who find going to a dental care provider difficult. That is why we have created a relaxing environment to reduce your anxiety. We also offer sedation dentistry options.
Our goal is to make recommendations, not force you to get dental treatments you do not need. With that being said, we will at least urge you to stay current with twice-per-year cleanings and evaluations.
The cost associated with a visit to Tyhee Dental varies depending upon the services you require, such as general versus cosmetic dentistry. We will tell you what those costs are before performing any procedures.